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A Factual Story of Federal Judicial Corruption


This story arises from federal employees' abuse of their authority and encompasses how such abuse poses a threat to each and every citizen in the United States.  The Posit 'The King can do no wrong' was carried on from England into the forming of the United States.  For about a century and a half Americans had no recourse against the U.S. Government or its employees for wrongful behavior exerted by federal employees while in the commission of their duties.  Only after extreme public outcry did the legislature finally allow the government and its employees to be sued for wrongs but only in very limited instances.  The judicial branch further limited suit by setting up almost impossible barriers for citizens seeking redress of wrongs committed upon them.  Reasoning given for such high level of protection is 'it would be hard to get quality employees if they had to fear a lawsuit for carrying out their job'.

The result of failure to give citizens adequate means for redress has been to embolden even the most common federal employee to abuse citizens.  From the President down to the janitor at a federal court building federal employees are equipped with knowledge they may abuse citizens rights, should they feel like it, without suffering consequence.  Elected officials however may be booted out of office come the next election but the vast majority of federal employees are not elected.  They are the functionaries who carry out the daily business of the many facets of government, are well protected from lawsuits and know they are.  Thus they are emboldened to abuse should they dislike a citizen for any reason.  Much abuse has been well documented over the past two centuries as is the failure of the courts to uphold citizens’ rights.

Today federal employees are so embolden to abuse their authority they readily and openly display arrogance towards citizens.  This is now occurring at an unprecedented level resulting from too much protection and, if not checked, this abuse will grow even more.  Evidence of its spread is everywhere in the news and should no longer be tolerated.  If citizens fail to check its spread a blanket of doom will descend upon us suddenly.  This is what happened to citizens in pre WWII Germany.  Without seeing it coming, one day, in a swift succession of moves the Nazis took control and the rest is history.  This can and most likely will happen to us here in America if we do not open up our ears and eyes, and take concern for each other's welfare and safety.  The following story (soon to be posted) illustrates how two citizens were severely abused, threatened with bodily harm, stalked, harassed, tricked, deceived, lied to, and finally maliciously prosecuted to take away their home and all worldly possessions, simply for speaking out against wrongful actions of federal government employees of the Forest Service and seeking redress of their grievances.  They were persecuted for trying to protect their welfare, safety and property.

On February 25, 2011 federal trial court Judge Burns retaliated against the existence of this website by sending heavily armed thugs to terrorize and threaten those he suspects of exposing his corruption. As a result of Burns' retaliation friends of late famous investigative reporter Sherman Skolnick are hot on the trail to uncover evidence that would indicate a troubled past. Investigation now expands into Larry Burns' personal background due to this bizarre retaliatory infantilism type of behavior. Investigators are looking into his Tucson Arizona and California history including his childhood home in Pasadena and Arcadia. Search has expanded into his parents, Tom and Grace Burns, attributes as well. The search into Burns' past solely entails public records and news stories at this time. Preliminary evidence reveals interesting facts pointing to a deprived childhood of a lower class upbringing and psychological trauma associated with the original family name of 'Cockburn", and abuse from a father who beat into him a 'strong work ethic' and 'power over ordinary people' arrogance derived from his fathers inferiority complex that found an outlet by becoming a policeman. Psychological profile is being developed as more evidence and facts accrue.

Psychological evaluation of preliminary data suggests Burns suffers a secondary disability from higher psychological functions. Childhood humiliation, segregation, behavioral and emotional trauma as well as deprivations appear to be some of the factors that may be responsible for some of the aberrant behaviors Burns has exhibited. Data suggest that Burns suffers delusionary disorder. He thinks this website is solely focused on him and is a threat to his physical safety! This is referred to as a non-bizarre delusion.

Burns' actions to intimidate and threaten should preclude him from sitting on the judicial bench. Perhaps the Judiciary should consider putting him on a bench in a nice quiet place where things are beautiful all day long and where padded walls can keep him well!


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