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Judge Larry Alan Burns Packing Heat

On a visit to the District of Columbia sometime in early 2010 Judge Larry Burns answers news reporters from ABC 7 news and as a result posts: Google's Privacy-Invading Street View Cars Should Avoid Judge Larry Burns' House

Judge, what do you think about Google publishing pictures of peoples homes on the Internet?  'I take my privacy seriously, and you know I am a judge, so I'm like taking precautions'.  'I'm packing heat; I've got like around six handguns around, a locked gate and fence all around'.  And Burns' wife Kristi, well she's concerned too.

As a woman Kristi's concerns are understandable.  Her husbands questionable history has probably made a lot of people very unhappy with him.  However he must know something everyone else doesn't that is taking him so far as to surround himself in a prison like environment at home.  Questionable characters are known to take such precautions because they know they are disliked.  They cringe in dark places and surround themselves with all manner of protection and defense.  Honest moral citizens do not live like this!

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