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Friday, 4/8/2011
Senator Jeff Sessions on Professor Liu's nomination to the 9th Circuit Appellate Court

“In Professor Liu’s case, I believe the views expressed in his writings fall far outside the mainstream of the traditional American view of law and judging, going so far as to distort the meaning of plain words beyond reality,” said Sen. Jeff Sessions, Alabama Republican and member of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Distortion of plain words beyond reality' is indeed what is wrong throughout our Federal Judicial System, not just with Professor Liu.  Senator Jeff Sessions, as member of the Senate Judiciary Committee should well know this.  In fact clear evidence of distortion can be found in almost any complaint or brief filed in the court system.  It is the modus operandi of the system and is what will lead to complete subversion of and downfall of the United States of America.  If parents raised their children with such an operating system the family unit would be chaotic and dysfunctional.
Thursday, 9/22/2011
Federal District Court Judge, Eastern District of California, Oliver W. Wanger, quote from open court:

Noting that the scientists were agents of the federal government, he then reflected:

“The United States, as a sovereign, has a duty not only in dealing with the court but in dealing with the public to always speak the truth, whether it’s good or bad. It’s never about winning and losing. It’s always about doing justice. And in the final analysis, protecting endangered species is crucially important. It’s a legislative priority. And even the plaintiffs don’t dispute that. But when it overwhelms us to the point that we lose objectivity, we lose honesty, we’re all in a lot of trouble. Serious, serious trouble.”  See PDF

Judge Wanger lambasted federal government employees, scientists, for their dishonesty to the court.  However there is a larger picture.  The DOJ, Department of Justice, promulgated the dishonesty (serious trouble?).  Other stories of federal scientists dishonesty exist in abundance, as well as dishonesty by federal employees in general.  Remember the U.S. Forest Service employee caught planting a feather of an endangered avian to stop public access to an area of a national forest?  This author has first hand knowledge of a still to be litigated issue concerning scientists working for the U.S. Forest Service in San Diego County.  It concerns the Arroyo Toad.  They claim it exists in the Pine Creek Summer Recreation Residence Tract in Pine Valley.  However their allegation defies their own published research.  They published that the toad cannot exist in an area that drought conditions persist for 7 years.  Drought conditions defined as being if no water is present in Pine Creek at the end of August.  The fact is no water has been present in the creek at this time for over 11 years! 


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