Introduction to Federal Court Corruption

Herein we attempt to demonstrate the United States Government has committed a long train of abuses and usurpations of citizens' rights.  Over a period of decades the United States Judiciary has broadly failed to uphold many aspects of the Constitution.  It has failed on numerous occasions to prevent the other two branches of government from overstepping their authority and has made many rulings that are plainly unjust, defy the Constitution and subvert morality.  Since the beginning of the country the Judiciary has systematically and openly failed to protect the 9th Amendment unalienable rights of citizens in defiance of their constitutional mandate.

Public trust in government keeps it in authority.  To be trustworthy it must be honest, moral and just.  As the caretaker of the Constitution the U.S. Judiciary is concerned with the image of trust they create in the minds of citizens (Judge Thurgood Marshall Reference).  However facts presented on this site demonstrate the Judiciary has a long history of ruling unjustly.  Facts also reveal the Judiciary knows citizens do not become involved in legal aspects of government therefore the Judiciary feels reasonably well protected from public scrutiny.  To prevent citizens from scrutinizing the Judiciary false images of the Judiciary's activities are created for example by disseminating misinformation via deceptive opinions in high profile courts cases at the Supreme Court or via public meetings or via deceptive and manipulative statements to media sources.  Manipulation of words, twisting of facts and distortions of truths are attributes the Judiciary has mastered.  In fact these attributes are tools of the legal profession.  Twisting of fact is so blatant in the court system any citizen with ordinary faculties and morality would be shocked to read judicial rulings and opinions. 

Inevitably unfairness and injustice breeds contempt for a governing entity and creates feelings of fear for one's safety.  Governmental injustice, if not corrected, will inevitably cause a public reaction with exceptional emotional arousal.  History reveals when a nation of people repeatedly suffers injustice over a period of time they explode in frustration and anger.  Such explosions have torn down even the mightiest of nations.  Therefore to keep order and predictability of safety in one's life, it is the duty of all citizens to learn about the Judiciary, to concern themselves with its principles and tenets, to keep informed of what is taking place and most importantly take action when wrong is committed. 

To preserve the American way of life we present verifiable facts and evidence that demonstrate fairness, justice and impartiality have been undermined.  We offer facts in public documents proving citizens' rights are being seized in obscurity without their knowledge or understanding.  It is perpetrated by government functionaries relying on historical fact that citizens fail to concern themselves with laws beyond their everyday life interests, necessities and view. 


History indicates destructive acts have been committed by the will of the people.  These acts may have been prevented had the majority paid enough attention to the existence and snowballing of wrongful acts taking place around them.  The authors of this website believe that in the future people may be able to overcome this detrimental attribute of destruction.  The Internet makes it easy to pay attention however our welfare and safety depends on being concerned and taking action before wrongs go too far.


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