On May 4, 2012 the Ninth Circuit Court opened an investigation concerning Judge Larry Alan Burns' illegal use of armed force.  Burns sent armed court police to the home of the pro se couple referred to on this site in apparent retaliation for this sites posting of information citing court documents that proved Burns lied in a court ruling he made. 

The investigation was opened as the result of the pro se couple filing a judicial complaint with the circuit court.  Docket number 12-90052 was assigned to the investigation process.  In a May 4, 2012 letter to the complainants Cathy A. Catterson of the executive office of the Ninth Circuit informed the pro se couple that Chief Judge Kozinski of the circuit court and Chief District Judge Moskowitz were investigating Judge Burns.

In late September 2012 an unidentified person, apparently from Federal District Court in San Diego  sent an anonymous email to the editor of this website, uscourtsgov.info., threatening retaliation if this site was not removed from the internet.  This threat came just a few days after the pro se couple contacted Cathy A. Catterson to inquire what the status was of the Judge Larry Burns investigation.

Per Ms. Catterson's statement in response to the inquiry of the complaint status, as of October 31, 2012 the investigation is still ongoing.

House Judiciary Committee Complaint:

A complaint was submitted to the house judiciary committee informing Darrell Edward Issa, U.S. Congressman from San Diego County, of the threat Burns made against the pro se couple at their home.  The judiciary committee has subsequently opened an independent investigation of Judge Burns.

Update: December 3, 2012

On November 28, 2012 the Ninth Circuit Court opened a Judicial Counsel investigation into the alleged intimidation and threats Judge Larry Burns committed by ordering armed marshals to the pro se couple's home in apparent retaliation for exposing his lies and fraudulent rulings on this website.

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