U.S.D.A. Forest Service Corruption Scandal Exposed!

U.S.D.O.J. and U.S. Federal Judiciary Implicated!

Shocking discovery of evidence that proves U.S.D.A. Forest Service corruption in Term Permit administration of cabins on public land and malicious prosecution of Term Permit holders who take exception to corruption and endeavor to expose it to the public.   The Federal Judiciary, U.S. Department of Justice and numerous officials in the Forest Service are implicated in corruption scandal.  Stay tuned, this is an evolving story.


Shocking discovery of U.S.D.A. Forest Service employees' corruption at the Descanso Ranger Station in Alpine California; Susan DeSonia and Thomas Gillett on the take?  Ann Carey complicit?

Thomas Gillett let a cabin owner in the Laguna tract buy a second cabin in violation of term permit rules!  Was bending of rules and giving favor to be returned?  It was learned that Mr. Gillett wants a cabin in the Laguna tract after he retires!  What if the cabin owner gets to buy a second cabin to be later handed to Mr. Gillett?  More to come.

Evidence revealed that Mrs. DeSonia had her entire wood floor replaced throughout her home in Pine Valley California for a pittance.  It appears that a cabin owner who has connections with a local flooring company gave away thousands of dollars of flooring and labor for some favor Mrs. DeSonia was to provide in her official capacity of overseeing cabin permit administration.  More to come.

It appears Ann Carey was taking care of covering up the paper trail over at the Descanso Ranger office in Alpine California.  More to come.


Susan DeSonia's father, 'Doc' Williams, as he is known at the Boiler Springs tract in the Laguna mountains, couldn't help but brag about his daughter being in charge of cabin inspections.  His brag went so far as to reveal the 'sweet deals' she gets from cabin owners who want things.  A proud father?  Bragging about deceit and graft?  Doc even bragged how he was retired Forest Service and that he bought his cabin, on lot #733, in 1969 when employed by the Service and lived there full time, raising his family, and has lived there full time up to the present.  Susan Williams, his daughter, went on to marry David DeSonia and bought a house in Pine Valley.  Over the years Susan stepped up the ranks slowly at the Descanso Ranger station in Alpine California until she replaced Rich Tobin in or around 2002.  From that time forward she began her career of deceit and graft, at least what we are aware of.  What a move up societies ladder, they came from 'poor white trash' living in the Deep South, to San Diego petty criminals working their positions in the Forest Service.

Over in the Hulbard tract in Descanso another Forest Service employee, a young woman, was living full time and raising a family with her husband.  In fact most of the homes in this tract have been occupied full time for the last 20 or so years.  The young woman however was a newcomer and as soon as she moved in she was given privileges to break the rules.  Major earth moving construction soon ensued.  A gazebo, night lighting all over lot #12, white fence surrounding the lot, mail box, and much more.  Of course Mrs. DeSonia turned her back on this as well.  In fact DeSonia was aware of the cabin owner at the Boiler Springs tract that Thomas Gillett allowed to own two homes.  Did she get in on the take of this action?  More to come!

The most blatant and egregious instance of permit holder favoritism is the home owned by Marcella Fescina in the Pine Creek tract.  It has been in her family for a long time.  After a fire back in 1991 she was allowed to build a two story suburban style tract home and has lived there full time since.  Two story homes are not supposed to be authorized nor is a home not in keeping with the cabin style.  Lot 23 is also a good example of bribes and payoffs.  This person built an addition while others who also requested additions were denied.  A pay off?  We learned from this owner that he even built an enormous shed without any approval at all.  It still stands and he has been issued a new permit for another 20 years.


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