Judges, Attorneys, Law Firms, Law Professors
San Diego, California
The following list is made up of unethical, corrupted or incompetent legal professionals and law firms.
Allegations based on facts, circumstantial evidence, inference, witness testimony, court documents, information and belief.


Judge Larry Alan Burns, Federal Judge, Southern District of California

Accusations: deception, abuse of discretion, dishonest court rulings, collusion, criminal malfeasance, intentional infliction of emotional distress, criminal and civil fraud, subterfuge, defamation of character, traitor.

Alan Richard Tolles, San Diego Attorney

Accusations: deception, abuse of process, fraudulent court filings.

Steve Benny Chu, San Diego Attorney, Assistant U.S. Attorney

Accusations: deception, fraudulent court filings, collusion, extortion, blackmail, civil and criminal conspiracy, defamation of character, intentional infliction of emotional distress, aiding and abetting deprivation of constitutional rights, subversion of due process.

Jennifer Susan Hegemier, San Diego Attorney, formerly of Hegemier & Rand LLP, now defunct.

Accusations: deception, fraud, larceny by fraud and deception, forgery, perjury, legal malpractice, collusion, aiding and abetting extortion and blackmail, entrapment, defamation of character, unethical professional conduct, aiding and abetting civil and criminal conspiracy, aiding and abetting deprivation of constitutional rights.

Note: now employed part time as a vacation home rental assistant.

Laura E. Duffy, U.S. Attorney DOJ, San Diego

Accusations: aiding and abetting blackmail, collusion, extortion, deception and fraudulent court filings

Shustak Frost and Partners, San Diego Law Firm, website

Accusations:  Aiding abetting and harboring dishonest, corrupt and unethical attorneys.

Note: The accusations herein are true as evidenced by the fact that no one accused has legal right to demand or force the removal of their name from this list.

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