US Courts Governing US

Judicial Conduct
Full of personal agendas, arrogance and departing from facts and reality
Poor, the system to correct judicial abuse of discretion and authority is broken, dysfunctional
Follow the money trail, investigative reporting uncovers how federal judges get nominated and follows personal financial gains after appointment.
Discussion will reveal some judges are so pompous they become unable to see reality and have lost commonly understood moral understanding of right and wrong.
Judicial conduct refers to the conduct of the judge on and off the bench, in their personal as well as professional life.  A judge's conduct is held to a higher standard than that of other people for the mere reason that a judge is charged with a duty of impartiality.  Being impartial however is a duty that compels him to be in constant conflict with human nature.  No other job so critically puts such a burden on a human being.  For this reason citizens should understand that tolerance is needed when a judge fails in his duties.  However when the system we have in place fails to correct judicial abuse of discretion, fails to recognize fact, fails to uphold the Constitution, subverts the Constitution and fails to be impartial, citizens have a duty to speak out and demand correction.  This site exists for this reason.

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