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US Courts Governing US website was established out of concern for the safety and welfare of United States citizens. 

This concern arose when it was found that a high level of corruption existed in the federal court system.  It was found that the Court blatantly disobeyed its constitutional mandate to protect citizens' rights.  The system, wherein plain truthful facts were expected, instead dealt with facts as objects to distort resulting in manipulation of the truth for specific ends.  The Judiciary, the Department of Justice and U.S. Attorneys were acting in concert with federal agencies to deprive citizens of their constitutional rights.  Truth and justice as mandated by the Constitution had been undermined by spin, distortions and lies.  Everything was up for grabs!  Without predictability of justice and comfort from knowing we have a just court system, we have no well-being or ability to control our future, we are in danger for our life, liberty and property.

Unpredictable and unfair courts are a threat to our freedom and safety.  Many people have already felt the injustice of the courts.  The objective of this site is to inform knowing the first step to solving a problem posing a threat is to become aware of exactly what it is and then what to do about it.  Correction of this type of threat must come through unification with fellow citizens, majority will being the ultimate power in any land.  It is hoped this site will create unification by discussing the issues with family members, neighbors and friends.  If citizens do not recognize tyranny we as free men are already gone.  Ultimately loss of freedom and tyranny causes bloodshed as history has shown. 


The following is an example of subversion of the judicial system based on rulings from a federal judge

Mt. Soledad Cross Lajolla California 
Cross atop Mt. Soledad, La Jolla California
Federal Judge Larry Alan Burns ruled this cross is not a religious symbol!
How?  By twisting words and fact, 'It's just a historic Latin symbol'.
Why? Personal bias against those who want it removed from public land and personal liking for it to be there?
Isn't a judge supposed to rule based on evidence, facts, by established law and based on the Constitution?
Facts are the Cross is a Christian religious symbol and should stay on Mount Soledad because we are a Christian country!


March 10, 2012, In the News, Supreme Coercion Test!
Supreme Court to weigh in on the cross

It is time for U.S. Government elected officials and functionaries to stop playing games about whether we are a Christian country or not.  Dancing around challenges to our laws and the Constitution trying to make it appear they are religion neutral is a farce, waste of time and money.  This farce will only stop once we put our foot down and state in an amendment that we are a Christian country or, when all trace of Christian religion is finally eradicated from our laws and our Constitution.  However, removing all traces from the Constitution is impossible without rewriting it entirely and establishing a new Declaration of Independence.

In our governing system the majority has the power to decide and so far the majority knows we are a Christian country but the people running the government have defied the majority will.  Therefore it is only a matter of time until friction from this incompatibility lights a fire.

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