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Judge Larry Alan Burns Attacks Citizens for Exercising Free Speech Rights

Judge Larry Burns retaliates, violates citizens Free Speech Rights, sends armed thugs to intimidate and threaten innocent citizens with deadly force.

On February 25, 2011 Judge Larry Burns sent court police, U.S Marshalls, to the home of the pro se couple mentioned on this website.  For half an hour they banged on the doors and windows of the home shouting the names of the owners.  The Marshalls were dressed in combat uniforms, bullet proof vests, boots, ammunition bandoleers around their torsos, and armed with rifles and hand guns.  The pro se couple was inside the home in fear for their lives.

After the Marshalls left the couple learned that Judge Burns had ordered the Marshalls to question them about this website,  This act is reminiscent of Nazi Germany when soldiers went to the homes of Jewish people demanding to know if they were Jews.  The Jewish people knew full well they would be put to death if they answered to the affirmative.  What would the Marshalls, or Judge Burns, have done if the couple opened the door and acknowledged they made this website?  Put them to death?  The couple did not want to find out.  Like the Jews being persecuted for being of Jewish ancestry, the couple had been persecuted for being American, exercising free speech rights, at the hands of a United States Federal Trial Court Judge no less!

February 25, 2011 Judge Burns retaliated against the existence of this website by sending heavily armed thugs to terrorize and threaten those he suspects of exposing his corruption. As a result of Burns' retaliation friends of late famous investigative reporter Sherman Skolnick are hot on the trail to uncover evidence that would indicate a troubled past. Investigation now expands into Larry Burns' personal background due to this bizarre retaliatory infantilism type of behavior. Investigators are looking into his Tucson Arizona and California history including his childhood home in Pasadena and Arcadia.  Search has expanded into his parents, Tom and Grace Burns, attributes as well. The search into Burns' past solely entails public records and news stories at this time. Preliminary evidence reveals interesting facts pointing to a deprived childhood of a lower class upbringing and psychological trauma associated with the original family name of 'Cockburn", and abuse from a father who beat into him a 'strong work ethic' and 'power over ordinary people' arrogance derived from his fathers inferiority complex that found an outlet by becoming a policeman.  Psychological profile is being developed as more evidence and facts accrue.

Psychological evaluation of preliminary data suggests Burns suffers a secondary disability from higher psychological functions. Childhood humiliation, segregation, behavioral and emotional trauma as well as deprivations appear to be some of the factors that may be responsible for some of the aberrant behaviors Burns has exhibited. Data suggest that Burns suffers delusionary disorder. He thinks this website is solely focused on him and is a threat to his physical safety! This is referred to as a non-bizarre delusion.

Burns' actions to intimidate and threaten should preclude him from sitting on the judicial bench. Perhaps the Judiciary should consider putting him on a bench in a nice quiet place where things are beautiful all day long and where padded walls can keep him well!

Update: October 2012 Follow the Money Trail of Judge Burns
Judge Larry Burns knew the pro se couple was already in a state of fear for their lives due to U.S. Forest Service employees stalking them and unjustly threatening them with bodily harm in the past.  Judge Burns also knew, in a case currently before him brought by the Forest Service, that he was asked to give consent to seize and destroy the pro se couple's home and possessions based on a non-compliance issue.  Therefore Judge Burns could have known sending the armed Marshalls could have been interpreted by the pro se couple as an act to seize and destroy their home.  By sending armed Marshalls to their home to 'just question them about this website' it appears that Judge Burns wanted to make the couple think their home was being seized.  If Burns cannot prove he had a legitimate reason for sending the armed Marshals his attack on citizens was a deliberate act to inflict emotional distress on the pro se couple.

Is this what America has come to today?  Giving up personal rights to tyrant Judges and bowing to tyranny?

News Flash:  August 2012

It has been learned that Burns knew about a letter the pro se couple sent to congressman Duncan Hunter before he sent marshals to the pro se couples home.  A letter wherein they told Hunter they feared for their lives and believed that Forest Service police would kill them if they did not vacate their home.  A justifiable fear considering the swat style action unjustly taken against them back in June 2004 by Forest Service police.  Another fact Burns knew about.  Knowing the contents of this letter and sending heavily armed Marshalls to their home makes it appear Judge Burns intended to provoke an incident and or at least make the pro se couple believe they were going to be attacked.  Did he want to scare them?  Intimidate, payback, retaliate? 

October 4, 2012:  Burns is presently under investigation by the Chief Justice of the Ninth Circuit.  In February 2011 when Burns sent deadly force to threaten two citizens the contents of this site was minimal.  It referred to several court documents and pointed out exactly where Burns lied and as such demonstrated his rulings against the pro se couple were unjust.  It also theorized a connection between Burns and Point Loma Nazarene University and a grade fixing scandal.  On just these facts Burns sent heavily armed U.S. Marshalls to the citizens' home where they banged on walls, windows and doors while yelling.  Dressed in combat style attire and armed to the teeth these people were allegedly sent to simply question about the website that accused Burns of lies and unjust rulings.

Burns retaliatory behavior is the reason Burns is presently under investigation, and hopefully will be impeached if not put in jail for it.  This website evolved due to Burns' illegal and unconstitutional behavior and continues to evolve due to his continued attacks and unjust rulings and continued presence on the bench.

All information concerning Burns' personal affairs is readily found on the Internet in public newspapers and other officially published government documents.


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