News Flash: 3/8/2011

Point Loma Nazarene University Professor Teaches Koran Contains Death Threat

Professor Samuel Powell has taught philosophy and religion courses at Point Loma Nazarene University for many years.  According to witness statements Mr. Powell stated the Koran contains death threats against those who are not of Islam, i.e., the infidels.  The professor made it quite clear death threats were at the heart of the Koran and a foundation of Islam religion.  All believers of Muslim faith must destroy infidels anywhere in the world.  Mr. Powell also stated legions of theologians of different Christian denominations as well as Jewish scholars worked on studying the Koran in its native language.  An effort he claimed was difficult because the Koranic text uses words not used in common Arabic language or the more obscure Hijazi Arabic.

Mr. Powell did point out not all followers of Islam believe in the mandate to destroy infidels as he pointed out not all Christians believe in the Creation as set forth in the Bible.  It was however quite clear from Professor Powell's statements that theologians believe death threats were a central focus of the Koran thus not an option to believe or not believe, which indicated Islam was not a religion of peace.  In other words 'Muslims pose a risk to those not of Islam' and this risk is one of personal safety.

THE POINT IS: how will Judge Larry Burns (a past student of Point Loma Nazarene University) rule on a case involving a Muslim?  What predilection will he use?  If his
ruling on the Cross on Mount Soledad is an example the Muslim doesn't have a prayer!


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