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News Flash March 2, 2011
Point Loma Nazarene University Implicated in Scandal
Friends of Sherman Skolnick are hot on the corruption trail of Judge Larry Burns and make startling discovery.  They decided to take a deeper interest in Burns due to the bizarre retaliatory behavior he exhibited on February 25, 2011.  They put their boots on the ground in San Diego at Point Loma Nazarene University (PLNU) to uncover evidence of other bizarre behavior.  Engaging in old fashioned investigative reporting techniques they learned from a former student of PLNU that the school engages in and appears to officially sanction 'grade fixing'.  It was revealed that past PLNU President Bond, Dean Strawn and Faculty Member Victor Labenske were aware of the grade fixing scheme.  Evidence suggests that this grade fixing may put PLNU in violation of state law.  Connections may appear between this grade fixing scheme and Judge Burns.  Stand by for full story!
Still more evidence of corruption was learned incidental to the friends' investigation.  PLNU has a policy of not hiring drinkers or smokers for faculty.  Such behavior is not allowed for students as well, and in fact this attribute is supposed to be part of the Nazarene religion.  It was learned however that PLNU administration actually informs potential incoming faculty that it is ok if they drink and smoke just as long as they do not tell the students about it or do not do it on campus!
The friends also learned that PLNU officially chooses what part of the Bible is to be acknowledged as God's word.  For example PLNU official position on Creation departs widely from the Bible.  According to PLNU biology professor Darrel Falk, PLNU advocates 'God directed evolution'.  Falk's reasoning, 'we need to conform to the rest of the academic world not to look like we are ignoring scientific facts'.  On this tack we also learned PLNU put God out of our dating system.  At a recent exhibit at Balboa Park Natural History Museum sponsored by PLNU the school officially did away with the Christian and widely accepted nomenclature A.D. and B.C. on a poster announcing a current exhibit.  No wonder Judge Larry Burns picks and chooses facts, distorts, dissects and invents.  His alma mater is steeped in such affair.
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